Maharishi Shorts: Contemporary shorts

Maharishi, renowned for its high-quality streetwear, excels in creating unique shorts that embody contemporary style and functionality. Among its eclectic range, the 4036 Original Cargo Loose Sno Shorts and 1023 Thai Dragon Cloud Print Swim Shorts stand out, each style presenting a distinct aesthetic.


The 4036 Original Cargo Loose Sno Shorts redefine urban fashion. The relaxed silhouette exudes an effortlessly cool vibe, coupled with utilitarian pockets that offer practicality while adding a touch of rugged appeal. Whether you're aiming for a casual city stroll look or embracing an outdoor adventure, these shorts are a versatile choice, enhancing your wardrobe's functionality with a dose of street-inspired style.

On the other hand, the 1023 Thai Dragon Cloud Print Swim Shorts transport you to tropical realms. The design is adorned with a mesmerizing dragon cloud print, infusing a splash of vibrant colour to your beach-ready ensemble. The shorts are not only stylish but also practical with quick-dry fabric, ensuring you can transition smoothly from an invigorating swim to a relaxing beach lounge.

To sum up, Maharishi shorts provide an eclectic blend of city chic and tropical flair. Whether you're more into utilitarian designs or bold prints, this brand has you covered. Their unique style, coupled with functionality, makes Maharishi a prime choice for fashion-forward individuals worldwide. Embrace the coolness of cargo or the allure of the Thai dragon and upgrade your style game with Maharishi shorts.