Gear Up for Winter: New from Paul and Shark

Feeling that nippy air creeping in? Means it’s time to kit out your wardrobe with some proper warm gear. And guess what? Paul and Shark are rolling out some top-notch stuff that’s ideal for keeping cosy and looking sharp. Let’s talk about a couple of belters they've got lined up: a plush Long Sleeve Polo Shirt in a wicked dark red, and a smart Typhoon Wool Half Zip Jumper in a classic navy. Trust us, these are game-changers for your winter get-up.

The Typhoon Wool Half Zip Jumper in Navy

Ready to look sleek as anything this winter? Get a load of Paul and Shark's Typhoon wool half zip jumper. This isn’t your average pull-over; it’s a touch of class, made with 100% top-drawer wool. Besides being a solid buffer against the cold, it’s breathable, so no worries about turning into a sweatbox.

Design-wise, it’s a proper nod to the timeless look, with a cool crewneck and neat ribbed details on the collar, cuffs, and hem. And the Typhoon-inspired trim? Smart as. Plus, the jersey knit style is all sorts of suave.

What’s bang on about this Paul and Shark Jumper is how you can chuck it on for any do. It’s a regular fit, so it’s all comfort without clinging, and you can move about easy as. Dress it down with some denims or go up market with tailored trousers - it’s a cinch.

The Long Sleeve Polo Shirt in Dark Red

Now, this Paul & Shark Polo Shirt isn’t messing about. It’s all about comfort, made with 100% Virgin Merino Wool. Soft as anything and spot-on for keeping the heat just right, it’s a must for when it’s brass monkeys outside.

This polo’s in a bold dark red, perfect for livening up your winter gear. It’s a bit adventurous but still a doddle to mix in with your wardrobe. The long sleeves and three-button fastening? Handy and evergreen.

And check this: there’s a low-key Paul & Shark logo at the bottom, a little nudge that you’re wearing something a bit special. The beauty of it? It’s versatile. Go casual with jeans or spruce it up with chinos.

So, Paul and Shark are showing they know their onions with this winter collection. We’re talking more than just a couple of new items; we’re talking serious investment in style and comfort. Ready to up your game this cold season? Dive into some elegance and