History of the brand

Parajumpers was born in Italy in 2006, thanks to the cooperation between Ape S.P.A. and designer Massimo Rossetti, who has many years of experience as a designer of outerwear, and also as an importer of American brands for the Italian market. A meeting with a serving member of the 210th Rescue Squadron in an ill-famed bar in Anchorage, Alaska provided inspiration for Massimo Rossetti’s latest creation. The men of the 210th Rescue Squadron are highly trained for extreme rescues and recoveries in the wildest, most remote and hostile corners of the Globe. They are the PJs – short for PARAJUMPERS.

Rossetti decided to pay tribute to the Parajumpers and develop one of the most avant-garde and disruptive outerwear collections inspired by elements of search and rescue. In fact the large removable metal hook found on most Parajumpers jackets, defining the brand’s image, comes from a quick release parachutist hook.

The cloud jacket – 20WMPMJCKPP01

The cloud is a hooded down-filled (power rating of 700 ) 20 den cordura ripstop jacket featuring three zippered pockets in front, as well as two inner pockets you won’t be cold or short of storage!

The shedir jacket – 20WMPMJCKEN04

The shedir jacket has the same practically credentials as the cloud jacket above but is a little longer and has orange lining in the hood!

The nolan jacket – 20WMPMJCKEN04

The nolan jacket is from the hybrid family of so it is ideal for mid-season as they combine the warmth of super light down or polyester padding with the comfort of fabrics like polyester honeycomb knit.

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